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Along with the Words & Pictures series, there are music videos and live performances, and it's added to all the time.

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The clocks have changed, and the season of darkness is upon us. How do you escape the night terrors and things that go bump in the very long night?


Listen to the soothing sounds of Casson's voice accompanied by John Jansson's playful piano.


And enjoy Lily Blackmore's extensive photo gallery

of butterflies, snapped on a visit to

London's Natural History Museum last summer.


From  a woman, a piano... and Last Call for Nefertiti  this footage is taken from a  Tom Blackmore's film

which tells the story of a dig in the Valley of the Kings.

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Words & Pictures

A song for the season - Flight of Fancy


From  English Cabaret Hour  at the Edinburgh Fringe,

a tribute to Alan Titchmarsh inspired by Blossom Dearie

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