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A song from Beachcomber with firework photos from

LCB Photography edited together by Robert Blackmore.

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Words & Pictures

Will Nefertiti be found beyond Tutankhamun's tomb?


From  English Cabaret Hour  at the Edinburgh Fringe,

a tribute to Alan Titchmarsh inspired by Blossom Dearie

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For the first 6 days of February 2018, an Italian team of Egyptologists was in the Valley of the Kings, radar scanning a wall in Tutankhamun's tomb, for evidence of a tomb beyond - possibly that of Nefertiti, the most beautiful woman of the ancient world.


They are now analysing their finds, but the media silence suggests controversy rages on. A new tomb - and of such a famous Queen - would undoubtedly be the biggest archaeological discovery this century.


'I'm living the Dream' is all about the excitement of the journey, inspired by Paul Sussman, who wrote a daily diary from the excavations recorded in Tom Blackmore's film Last Call for Nefertiti. This song uses footage from that film put together by Robert Blackmore.


(click here to watch Last Call for Nefertiti)

New for 2018! Words in Pictures

Follow the lyric trail to reach the song. With LCB Photography