The Swallow's Lament

From The Happy Prince

Wherever you say I'll go

Whatever you ask I'll do

Whenever you feel alone

I'll be there for you


If ever you feel afraid

However the shadows fall

Whatever your fears may be

I'll dispel them all


I'll be your eyes

Fly high for a panoramic view

And from the skies

All that I see I shall carry home to you

When hours crawl by

Fabulous tales I shall tell To speed them through

Never were friends so close as me and you

Goodbye dear Prince Do as I command

Words and Music copyright Sue Casson 1992

happy prince 30x30

Swallow - Robert Blackmore


Recording from 2012 Edinburgh Fringe

20th Anniversary production

Happy Prince - Tom Dawkins

Swallow         - Robert Blackmore

Edinburgh Fringe 2012