a collaboration between Casson and LCB Photography 

lyrics & photographs, Twitter and Instagram.


Beautiful images lend a context for original lyrics, and form a trail to hear the song.


This series of sunrise photographs was taken on the south coast.

Words in Pictures


Whitest light, to clear the sky

Cold light of day that brooks no lie

Chases fears - away they fly  

Day 1 - Pure light of early day Day 2 - Banish all shadows with the dawn Day 3 - Light of life, the rise and shine Day 4 - Glow memory in my heart Day 5 - God's gardener Day 6 - Who can doubt




In Ancient Egypt, as the sun rose a singer would lead worshippers towards the temple raising her voice in praise of the supreme creator.


To be a temple musician to a particular god was a high status position in Egyptian society - and frequently held by women.


I wrote this song for

a woman, a piano...

and Last Call for Nefertiti  


asking myself,

how might a woman singing

to the sun god Amun Re, sound?



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Hazy summer days button Day 7 - Spirit of Light,  button


Treasure remembered golden hours

Gift of a summers day


Ready for action? Here's the sign

Soul of doing by design

Spirit of life shine on

Day 7 - Spirit of Light,  button


Glow memory in my heart

Never stray, never stray


Source of life, the fire that glows

Passion and power, from which all flows


Light of the world shine on