Day 3 - Trees cloaked in white majesty Day 7 - The glow from the snow Day 4 - Ponds polished to transparency Day 5 - Just for a moment Day 6 - Angel Dust


A collaboration between Casson and LCB Photography, lyrics & photographs,  Twitter and Instagram.


Beautiful images lend a context for original lyrics, and form a trail to hear the song.

Words in Pictures


About SNOW...


Written for The Happy Prince, during a snowfall, in this recording Casson sings, accompanied John Jansson at the piano.


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Day 4 - Life's reborn button



Day 1 - Softly in flurries


At my feet

Day 2 - A thousand tiny crystals glow


And all I can think about are snowball fights

toboggan rides

skating rinks and hillside slides

and snowmen smiling

tall and wide


White rain

Drifting like dark smuts from the sky

Floating by

And white as lilies where they lie

In layers like fluffy feathers in a paradisal dream

Beware of earthly beauties

Things aren't always what they seem

So lovely and luminous

And threatening and dangerous

It's snow


Whilst wind sharply whips my cheeks

And frost nips my ears and creeps within


Day 1 - Softly in flurries


Veils the land

Freezing life that rests below


And all I can think about are warming soups in steaming mugs

huddling up in cosy rugs

and hot rum punch in sturdy jugs


It's chill

Velvet flakes,

melt into daggers on my back Toes feel numb

Lips begin to dry and crack, when


So lovely and luminous

And threatening and dangerous

It's snow

Day 1 - Softly in flurries


Snowball fights

Hot rum punch

And winds that blow


You may think of skating rinks,

Warming fires,

Steaming drinks


But all I can think about are

lagging pipes and balding tyres

folks snowed up n northern shires

and those for whom the snow inspires



Postcard scenes

Masking the threat thats always there

In thin air

Frozen fingers pinch beware!

Bewitched by rosy children on toboggans in the snow

It's easy to forget the silent enemy below


Enchanter and sorceress

A witch in an angel dress of snow