Non Semper Imbres

From James Logie Robertson's poem

Set to music by Sue Casson

It's no aye rainin' on the misty Achils

It's no aye white wi' winter on Nigour

The winds are no'sae mony sorrowin' Rachels

That grieve, and o' their grief will no' gie owre


Non semper imbres


Comes round a time, comes round at last tho' creepin',

And green and glad again stand buss an' tree

E'en tender gowans, just thro' the young gress peepin'

Rise in their weakness, and owre-rin the lea.


Non semper imbres

Non semper imbres

Non semper imbres


Thus nature sorrows, and forgets her sorrow;

And Reason soberly approves her way:

Why should we shut oor een against tomorrow

Because our sky was clouded yesterday?


Non semper imbres

Non semper imbres

Natura non contristatur


Non semper imbres

Non semper imbres

Non semper imbres

Recorded by the Phoenix Choir, Casterton School in December 2010 under the direction of David Chapman


Soloist Lily Blackmore



"Norman Birkett went to immense trouble to get me a copy of 'The Northern Muse' a selection of poetry by John Buchan.


Incidentally he put in it an inscription of which I am very proud.


'From his friend Norman Birkett.

To commemorate the great art of Cross-Examination.'


Why I really mention it (I swear - you believe me - thousands wouldn't) is for Norman's favourite poem which rather expresses our mood just now..."


David Maxwell Fyfe in a letter to his wife Sylvia

Edin Hill firth of dornoch bonar bridge Croich Non Semper Imbres