He loves Me

The Matchgirl Do as I command Casson Chorus

from The Happy Prince


Want to read the latest doom and gloom around the world today

Read the headlines -

Julian loves me!

Standard! All the usual views to darken up your day

Famine, war and crime

Special supplement today

Who cares about rotten old news

I'm glad....


Julian loves me!

The little matchgirl realises that in her joy she has carelessly thrown her papers to the floor.


So the swallow takes a jewel from the Happy Prince to cheer her up, and together they sing.

'Leaf after leaf of the fine gold the swallow picked off until the happy prince was quite dull and grey. Leaf after leaf of the fine gold the swallow he brought  to the poor until the children's faces grew rosier and they laughed and played games in the street.'

Words and music copyright Sue Casson 1992

He loves me

He loves me not

He cares

He cares not

Day to day he blows cold to hot

Yet I love him

I love him a lot

Recording from 2012 Edinburgh Fringe

20th Anniversary production

Lily Blackmore as Pandora

playing the Matchgirl

Tom Dawkins and Robert Blackmore as The Happy Prince and the Swallow

Sue Casson as Chorus

Nothing exists, no world outside

What he said last night, how I feel inside

Bad news?

So what!

I'm just thinking of him, and whether or not