a collaboration between Casson and LCB Photography 

lyrics & photographs, Twitter and Instagram.


Beautiful images lend a context for original lyrics, and form a trail to hear the song.


These summery, sunny shots were snapped in Oxford, and London.

Words in Pictures


Hazy summer days and lazy summer ways




On summer days, when the heat is intense, time almost seems to stand still.


So many of my happiest memories are bathed in remembered sunshine, so I gathered some of them together in this song. And LCB Photography captures those moments perfectly with some images of her own.


There is a nod to Erik Satie in the middle, long suspended chords with a wandering melody. John Jansson at the piano, evokes a gentle, musing mood.


Day 3 - Daisy chain games on the lawn


Melt our gold yesterday

Into today

Sing in praise of summer

The rays of summer


Cherries sunshine, laughter and wine

Gild my days in golden rays

Day 4 - Dragonflies dance in your eyes Day 2 - No clouds, no rain


Then we lay in the sunlight, by the murmuring stream

And long days stretched before us,

Promised lifetimes

Whispered low

Long ago

Day 7 - Strawberry dreams in the sun Day 6 - Motionless, timeless


Set the world aside, let time just glide


Sing in praise of summer

The blaze of summer

Haze of summer days

Day 5 - Daze of summer days Day 1 - Lazy Summer Days


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Day 2 - Come and find button