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Beautiful images lend a context for original lyrics, and form a trail to hear the song.

Words in Pictures




Written one spring a decade or so ago, this song has undergone a number of lyrical changes, as the sharp eyed amongst you will notice.


In this recording Casson is accompanied by

John Jansson at the piano.



There’ll be sun on the meadows

There’ll be songs in the shadows

Birds calling high in the trees

On a washed sky morning

With the burst buds yawning wide

In welcome, ‘Come on in bees’

Everything’s new

So much stretched before me to do

Springs greening

Brings freshness and meaning

To life and to me and to you

Day 4 - Life's reborn Day 6 - Clear Skies


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Day 7 - Spirit of Light,  button



I got those winter blues

Tarnished silver grey days

When will those shivers go away?

And who’s

Gonna chase away those blues?

Breeze in a change of scene

Bring on the dewy sheen

Don’t they know – the future’s green?


There’ll be good times coming

After the green rainfall

Farewell to freezing

Now warm breeze is teasing my mind, with                            

Day 3 - There'll be blue skies coming... Day 2 - A promise a whisper


There’ll be good times coming

After the green rainfall

Hear the whole world humming

After the green rainfall

Feelings awakening

My heart is aching to break free and play

Nature’s good-natured kindness

The good times are coming my way

Day 1 - Out of the greyness Day 5 - If winter's behind us...