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Flight of Fancy


About Flight of Fancy


This song first featured in 'Ivory Images' a show I performed with John Jansson at the Jermyn Street Theatre in London, and he is at the piano in this recordiing made at around the same time.


Like the butterfly in the diving bell, they are the spirit of flight in this lyric video,   from a collection of LCB photography, with some spooky interventions from editor Robert Blackmore.


Ooh that soaring feeling

Ooh when fancy wings its’ flight – turns dark to light

When a long days strain

Beats to burst your brain

Day 1 - Far from yesterday


This darkened middle way

Cradle of sorrow

Day 2 - When will the morning dawn


In the middle of the night

Slumber lost and gone

Leaves shadows in half light

Sounds that echo on

And stir behind the eyes a witches brew

Use your second sight

Close your eyes and ears

Let fancy take a flight

Worry disappears


Till then, what mind games can you play,        To keep persistent chilling thoughts at bay


When more is made of less

And nightmare creatures bite

From wells of nothingness

Don’t lie transfixed in fear

till dawn breaks through

Day 3 - All your dreams can come true Day 4 - Turn shadows into light Day 7 - Summon sunny scenes


Whatever flies your kite

Plan your wildest schemes

Day 3 - All your dreams can come true


In the middle of the night

Let your worries clear

Don’t put the world to right

Substitute your fear

As nightmare terrors

vainly form a queue

When fears take on a shape

Save your sanity

Close the door - escape

Day 6 - Let your spirit free Day 3 - All your dreams can come true Day 5 - Spread your wings


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