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Beautiful images lend a context for original lyrics, and form a trail to hear the song.

Words in Pictures






This song was written on a misty Autumn morning on Aldeburgh beach.


So thick was the fog, boats on the shingle were no more than shadows, and the rhythmic waves and calls of the gulls overhead formed a vivid engulfing soundscape. Wordless. Timeless.


Benjamin Britten wrote Peter Grimes here, a haunting sea-faring tale.


The watery shimmer of the vibraphone and sorrowful cello

bring a ghost story to life in this recently rediscovered recording

made by Premier Cru for the BBC.


Flotsam and jetsam, lost mariner’s dreams

On crystalline spray

On myriad themes

Calling the lonely and touching the heart of the few


These are the pearls of the sea


Clouds form, threatening rainstorm,

Beckoning waves warm, welcome release


Flotsam and jetsam on crystalline spray

These are the spoils of the deep

Lost and found crying from their sleep

'Land ahoy', 'Hands aloft' they shouted, as storm petrels circled the deck

Anguished wailing, klaxon failing

Silent wreck


Chrysolite, coralline, like tapestry sparkling under the brine



Windless, weather fair,

Day 1 - Flotsam and Jetsam... Day 2 - Come and find Day 3 - Time neglected Day 4 - Stark on the skyline


But the day dawns, weather fair,

Rhythmical voices in calm air


Day 5 - Secrets from the blue Day 6 - Ships lost Day 7 - Sea swallowed mystery


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Day 7 - Passing the time of day