Albion Forlorn 29x29mm

Albion Forlorn satirically charts the progress of a young boy as he encounters the fractured dreams, disillusionment and twisted mores of a disjointed 21st century Britain. Tom Blackmore's vision of a modern wasteland where the dispossessed cling to the rites and songs of a bankrupt me-generation is vividly illustrated by Sue Casson's powerful melodies and razor-sharp lyrics. The follies and lost ideals of a society more broken than our politicians understand are skewered one by one in this scorching yet tender rhapsody on a disconnected present and an uncertain future.



  'Thoughtful, clever and wistful but never maudlin! Slyly amusing with a lot going on'



'A torch song for the state we're in'


conceived & directed by Tom Blackmore

music and lyrics by Sue Casson

additional lyrics Simon Rae


Lily Blackmore

Robert Blackmore

Sue Casson

Chris Littleboy

Rebecca Morton


choreographer Sarah Morton

Albion Forlorn premiered at C Aquila as part of the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe playing from 1st - 26th August.

I dreamed a dream with piano The boys

'The best of the songs are ironic blues numbers in the mode of Cole Porter, as Casson totes up and accepts the costs of loving an expensive man, resignedly acknowledges the way the fulfilment of all your life's dreams just makes you aware that things can never get any better, or mourns the dead with quiet and moving dignity.'



For You

Casson and the two girls produce very tight three part female harmonies.




Albion Forlorn is a production which has a lot to say about today’s society


                                        BROADWAY BABY

'Tender and melodic....


........talented and powerful'



Robert 2 my perfect prima

Albion Forlorn was a revue that drew on a pot of musical material that had previously been performed in other contexts, giving it a changed spin and jarring it into new life. The songs were assembled from Casson & Rae's REQUIEM, songs performed in cabaret by Casson, both solo and with The Brannick Academy. The aim was for a dark song and dance show, a kaleidoscope commentary on the ills of modern Britain.


'underneath comforting melodies

the canny songwriter can smuggle in discomforting lyrics'


                                                            JARVIS COCKER

Photographic images on this page by Sarah Morton.

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