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Banner FINAL - DoPaF (2) Dreams of peace poster 30x30mm

David Maxwell Fyfe

Fireworks for Bonfire Night

With English Cabaret I’ve been looking at bringing songs to life visually in a series of Music & Pictures short films, which combine beautiful original photographs with clever editing overlaid with a lyric.


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Prompted by the latest media storm surrounding the possible whereabouts of a new Egyptian tomb, this  is the story of my part in the epic quest told in song. Premiered at Edinburgh 2016 it will be touring festivals throughout 2017.


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This song cycle, which tells the story of how Human Rights became law after WWII is topical just now, with Brexit talks threatening the fundamental freedoms a Brit helped to draft. Touring to Oxford and Nuremberg this Autumn and looking towards 2020.


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I’m a songwriter - I write and perform songs – some by myself or with a band in cabaret, sometimes in larger theatrical set pieces.

You can listen to the songs here, read about the shows, look at the dates and come along.


‘my business is show business not telling. You show people and let them decide’ 

Bruce Springsteen

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Hope to see you soon!

‘a timely intervention in the debate on human rights' 


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